Responsive Web Design

Responsive Mobile Web Design

Web designing has become one of the most important aspects of web development today. The ultra competitive market and the penetration of internet in the lives of people have prompted the business to create a special significance for itself. Every business now wants to register its presence on the web. A website is the most crucial and important way to be online visible and close to the customers and prospects. The websites for the companies contains all the information about the business and in the case of an e-commerce website; it acts like the shop and its functions as shopkeepers. Naturally, these websites are required to be very attractive as well as full of several functionalities. The design of the website has the responsibility of attracting the customers towards it. Therefore, it needs to be unique and beautifully designed. It has been observed that creative and innovative website design fetch more customers than ill-designed and repetitive websites.

  • Web design plays a pivotal role in the online presence of a company
  • It is entrusted with the job of drawing customers.
  • Utmost creativity and innovation is required to design websites.

Mobile and responsive web design

It is an era of Smartphones and 3G internet. People use internet on their mobile phones and use it for browsing for businesses, e-commerce sites and much more. It becomes quite imperative to design the website keeping in mind its visibility on small mobile screens. The designing of the website in such a manner so that it is visible on the mobile phones and other devices like tablets, iPads, and desktops with similar clarity and without any flaw is called responsive designing. A website is made responsive by the use of media query and images that are optimized for mobile viewing. Those websites which are not responsive lag behind now a days and this results in the loss in business to the companies. There are many Responsive and Mobile website design Chandigarh based company which offers good responsive and mobile web designing.

  • Responsive & Mobile web design in Chandigarh and many other places in north India.
  • These companies offer responsive web designing services at low cost.

Advantages of responsive web designs

The advantages of mobile and responsive web designs are manifold. The mobile internet traffic is set to exceed the internet traffic through desktops and laptops in the coming future. This calls for responsive web designing solutions offered by many mobile and responsive website design in India. Responsive web designing require a certain level of expertise and skills such as executing media queries and use of sizeable images and media files.

  • People in remote areas without a desktop or a laptop and broadband connection can use various sites on the mobile phone.
  • Search engines like Google recommends responsive designing of websites for better visibility online.
  • Staying ahead in business by targeting the customers who are mobile bound.
  • Cost-effective as the expense on building a dedicated mobile site is saved and also the maintenance of two different sites are not required.

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